Q:Can I have an account in any currency?

A:You can have an account only in €.

Q:Forex: Trading Times

A:The foreign exchange markets follow the sun around the world, so you can trade 24 hours a day, five days a week opening from Monday at 12:01am GMT+2 (GMT+3 during DST) and closing Friday 23:59 GMT+2 (GMT+3 during DST).

Q:Why can I not set the trailing stop

A:The minimum level for placing limits is dependent on the currency pair you are trading. For pairs with maximum spread of less than 5 pips the limit must be placed at least 5 pips from the market price.

Q:How to read a Quote and what they contain

A:A forex quote is a currency pairing, it is always shown in the following format: EUR/USD The EUR being the base currency and the USD is the FX quote currency on this occasion; obviously there are various forex currencies that can be used in quotes.

Q:Do you offer bank guarantee?

A:No, Apasati Markets does not offer a bank guarantee.

Q:What supporting documents must I provide to have a Trading Account?

A:Within short time we request you to deliver us copy of ID and proof of address

Q:I forgot my Client Portal password. What should I do?

A: Please click on the „Forgotten Password" link and enter your email address in order to reset your password.

Q:Does Apasati Markets allow scalping?

A:Yes scalping is allowed, unlike many brokers we do not discriminate against scalping by placing a minimum time that a trade must be open or minimum size that must be opened.

Q:What are ticks and how are they used?

A:A TICK is the minimum price fluctuation of a Symbol available for trading. For example if the EUR/USD moves from 1.36543 to 1.36544 this is 1 TICK, 10 ticks in Forex equals 1 pip (applicable to Forex Majors)

Q:I am a U.S Resident , can I open an account with you?

A:No, you cannot. We do not accept U.S residents.

Q:What is the Minimum Funding Requirement to Open an Account?

A:There is no real minimum funding requirement to open any of our live accounts. Simply apply and get approved. To begin live trading you must complete the required minimum deposit.

Q:Can I open more than one account?

A:You can open up to two additional accounts under the same name. If you require more than two accounts please contact us at for additional information.

Q:How can I add funds to my demo account?

A:Please email your request to

Q:What leverage do you offer?

A:500:1 is the maximum available leverage.

Q:Do you allow hedging and partial order closing?

A:Yes, Apasati Markets allows hedging and partial closing.


Forex and CFDs are leveraged products. Leverage magnifies losses as well as profits and you could lose more than your initial capital. There is no broker, trader, strategy or any instrument that can guarantee any profit. Most importantly, do not invest money you cannot afford to lose. Our services are not provided to residents of U.S.A. Read more about risk disclosure here.